Surprise Adventure

Nominate a Friend, Coworker, or Loved one who you feel could use an adventure. All the costs and planning are covered, creating a once in a lifetime trip where the guests will get to take a break from life and hopefully learn something new about themselves. 


What Types of Adventure

Can be anything. We really mean anything. Dog sledding, ice climbing, jungle tour, desert camping, etc. Each trip is desigined around the guests.


Nominations due December, 2018


Is this for Real?

This is 100% for real.

great wall of china.jpg


How much does it cost?

We cover all the costs from airfare, lodging, meals, etc.


How many people go on each trip?

We select two people each year.


Why do you do this?

We have been very fortunate in life and have been on adventures that most people will never have the chance to go on. We want to share these experiences in hopes it will change their lives as it has ours. 


How long are these adventures?

Each adventure is completely different and are tailored to the guests. So the trips are usually 3-4 days.

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